Brotherhood Anonymous
2017 Runs and Events

In 2017 we welcome our new officers to the Brotherhood with Churchc continuing as President and Oiler continuing as V.P..  Banjo was voted in as our new Treasurer and Bagger returned as Road Captain.  Former President Bootstrap continues his term as our Sergeant-At-Arms.  Ironman is continuing as Hospitals and Institutions Representative.  Solo continues as Secretary.  Banjo continues to slave on as the webmaster.

We had a great time at our 11th anniversary party, held at Carrows again on Seward and Harbor.  Everyone had a great time with good food, music and of course cake.

Run season is here and our first official run of the year that members will be going to is the Pioneer's Banner Run held this coming May.  Get your bikes checked and road worthy, brothers.

Banjo, Solo and Puttin' Sober member Bruce went on a fun ride to Parker, AZ for Putting in Parker Quad State Campout.  We represented the club well and even won the 50/50 at over $200 which we donated back to the event in support of next year's run. 

More fun at the Pioneers Banner run this year.  New Road Captain Bagger led the charge and much fun was had by all who went.

Messengers of Recovery Run in Acton was attended by VP Oiler, Treasurer Banjo, Asst. Sgt. at Arms Vapors, Secretary Solo, Rooster, Prospect Red and a few guests.  Great band, great food, and much respect was given.  Members not attending gave Oiler their entrance fee money as a donation to the Messengers.  Our support was appreciated.

Next up: Summertime Fun Ride - Somewhere...

2017 - Events
2017 Members and Prospects
Church -President
Oiler - Vice President

Bagger - Road Captain
Bootstrap - Sgt. At Arms
Banjo - Treasurer
Solo - Secretary

Taco - H&I Representative
Meatloaf - Asst. Road Captain
Vapors - Asst. Sgt. at Arms
Stogie - full patch member
Popeye - full patch member

Riser - full patch member
Rooster - full patch member
Mr. Clean - full patch member

Ironman - probationary member
Red - prospect