Brotherhood Anonymous
2015 Runs and Events
Brotherhood Anonymous had an awesome 2015. 

In 2015 we welcome our new officers to the Brotherhood with Bootstrap as President and  Church taking over V.P. from founding member Popeye.  Bagger is our new Road Captain taking over for Riser's years of excellent service.  Oiler taken over from Church as our new Sergeant-At-Arms and has given up the Secretary duties to his assistant, Solo.  Ironman has stepped up to fill Vapor's shoes as Hospitals and Institutions Representative.  Banjo has stepped in as a new assistant Road Captain.  On Thursday, April 9th, 2015 we welcomed full-patch member, Taco.  Welcome to the family, brother.  You have earned your patch. 

In May, Brotherhood welcomed two new full-patch members to the club: Rooster (on Thursday, May 28th) and Mr. Clean (on Saturday, May 30th at the Messenger's Run.)  Both have been excellent prospects and will be a benefit to the club.  Great to have you both ride with the club to the Messenger's Run.  Stepping in as a new Prospect will be Bill (or Groundhog as he has been known to some.)   We are looking forward to getting to know you this year.  On another note, Banjo (asst. Road Captain) will be taking over as Road Captain for Bagger who will be taking a leave of absence for 90 days.  Stay close, Bagger.  We will miss you in your absence.

In June, Brothers made a fun run up to support former brother, Fast Eddie Castro for his cancer medical bill benefit party in Santa Barbara.  Eddie was stoked to see his former brothers show up and good times were had by all.  As the weather warms up, we've been having more fun rides with whoever's around.  Whether it be changing oil at the Club House Speed Shop, cruising the Deer Lodge or checking out Rockabilly Car and Bike shows like the Roadshow Revival Johnny Cash Festival, summer's here and the boys know how to party!

August brought more fun runs with a great time up at the Shagger's Run in the Tehachapi Mountains.  Great first annual run.  We'll be there next year.  Another fun ride was had up at the annual Santa Paula AA BBQ in Steckel Park in Santa Paula.  A short ride, but worth it!  Great band, good food and Bootstrap won the 50/50!

September of this year, we rode to the Inner Circle Run.  Enjoyed the paintball bike games and a nice refreshing swim!

To recap, the clean and sober runs we participated in this year
included the Pioneers Banner Run in Julian, CA May 15th - 17th,
the 20th anniversary of the Messengers of Recovery Run in Acton, CA, the Shaggers Run in Tehachapi, CA August 7th - 9th, the Inner Circle Run at Scout Trask Reservation in the San Gabriel Mountains in Monrovia, CA  and the Three Rivers Run near Visalia, CA in October.  It's great to see our brothers always clear their calendars so we can give support to all these great clubs that put on clean and sober events each year.

Our annual Brotherhood Run went down the fourth weekend of October 23rd - 25th this year.  Another great event took place with a fun poker run, bike games, kids games, live band, prizes including the coveted "Brotherhood Run Medallion!" and fantastic food and fellowship. Thanks to all who made the event a success!

We closed out the year with our 2015 Christmas Party at DW's on Victoria with lots of white elephant presents making the rounds including one hell of a machete going to one of the kids...

Brotherhood members served as recovery panelists on each of our 108 Hospital and Institution panels this year, carrying the message of recovery to those who can't get out to hear our experience, strength and hope.

2015 - Events
2015 9th Anniversary Party at the Clubhouse
Thanks to all our wives and significant others and all those who came out to support our 9th annual Anniversary Party in January at our clubhouse.  It rained a bit on us but that doesn't keep us from a good party. 
2015 Members and Prospects
Bootstrap - President
Church - Vice President

Banjo - Appointed Road Captain
Oiler -
Sgt. At Arms
Stogie - Treasurer
Solo - Secretary

Ironman - H&I Representative
Popeye - full patch member
Vapors - full patch member
Riser - full patch member
Meatloaf - full patch member
Taco - full patch member
Jackal - member at large

Rooster - prospect - Full Patch
Mr. Clean - prospect - Full Patch
Wild Bill - prospect
Bagger - full patch member Road Captain (left club)
Naylbender - prospect / left club
Ratchet - prospect (on leave)
2015 Pioneers MC Banner Run and Campout - Julien, CA
Brotherhood had a great 500 mile round trip ride down to the Banner Run this year.  Popeye, Bootstrap, Church, Banjo, Ironman, Meatloaf and Prospects Mr. Clean and Nailbender made the run.  Thanks to all the Pioneers who put on such a great event.  We're all glad Meatloaf is ok after his spontaneous decision to taste the asphalt on the way down there.  New nickname - Dirt Bike Mike?  Great to see our old buddy Two Dog as well.  Glad things are going well with you, brother.  Here are some pics of our adventure.  Send me some more pics, brothers.
2015 Messengers of Recovery MC
20th Annual Run and Campout - Acton, CA
Brotherhood had a great 130 mile round trip ride down to the 20th anniversary Messenger's Run this year. What a great location at the KOA in Acton.  Former Road Captain Riser got to lead the pack on a fun, canyon ride along the riverbed to the site.  Great food, entertainment, vendors and raffle prizes.  Newest member Mr. Clean received his full patch in a vote from the club as we arrived at this run. Great work getting that patch sowed on in minutes!  Glad to have you as part of the family, Mr. Clean.  Thanks again to all the members and prospects who participated including Bootstrap, Church, Oiler, Solo, Stogie, Riser, Taco, Rooster, Mr. Clean, Meatloaf, Popeye, Banjo and Prospect Bill.  Great run!
Fast Eddie Cancer Benefit
Santa Barbara, CA
(and some pics from the Roadshow Revival Johnny Cash Festival in Ventura)
Run Flyers for 2015
2015 Shagger's Run and Campout - Tehachapi, CA
August 7th - 9th
2015 Santa Paula AA BBQ - Steckle Park - Santa Paula, CA
August 23rd, 2015
2015 BA Run and Campout - Britt Park - Piru, CA
October 23rd - 25th, 2015  (pics coming soon)