Brotherhood Anonymous
2008 Runs and Events
2008 was a tough year for Brotherhood Anonymous.  We lost our Sergeant-at-Arms, Alan Hambone "Bone" Hamilton in June to a heart attack.  Bone left two lovely daughters and many friends when he was taken too early from this Earth. 

The year started with a strong roster and new prospects Banjo and Huey joined the ranks.  The Brotherhood 2nd Anniversary BBQ/Speaker/Dance went off on January 26th, 2008 at the Buc.  Prospect Cuddles built our portable brotherhood BBQ just in time!  Brotherhood also helped organize and run the poker run at the annual AA Serenity by the Sea Event Saturday April 26th.  February saw the start of panels at Joshua House and our "Ladies of the Brotherhood" patches were designed and voted in for member's significant others to wear. Bone's Memorial was well attended.  Low Gear took over as Sgt. at Arms.

In May, we organized a meeting and came up with some Road Riding Guidelines after a few grumblings within the group about how we ride as a club.  Vapors was named 2006 member of the year and Cable Tom was named 2007 member of the year.  New prospect Compa was welcomed, Two Dog moved and became a member at large and Nacho, Duff and Bear left the club.  We moved our monthly business meetings to the new Buck Meeting Hall as the old Buc is slated for demolition.  Monthly Bike Nite meeting at Buck started by club members.

Our first annual Brotherhood Run and Campout was put on the weekend of August 22nd - 24th at Far West Resorts in Santa Paula (behind Steckle Park, now known as the Ventura Ranch KOA Campground.)  Run pins, t-shirts and Run patches were pioneered at this first annual event.

In August, we welcomed new prospect Grasshopper and Bulldog left the club.  In September, Cable Tom and Big C left the club.  Riser took over as Road Captain and Huey became a full-patch member.  In October, Banjo became assistant IGR and Al C took over as H&I Rep and Popeye became IGR.  CPO Bud who returned from active duty became a fully-patched member.  In December, Fuzzo left the club.  Grandpa took over as Treasurer with Cuddles as his assistant.  Huey became GWR.  Popeye became official keeper of the patches.

Brotherhood members, prospects and hang-arounds participated in several runs this year including the Survivor's Bass Lake Run in Bass Lake, CA which we have nicknamed "The Bone Memorial Run" in honor of our fallen Sgt. who loved this run dearly.   Some members went up to the Tehachapi run on July 12th.  We also participated in the Inner Circle Run at Trask Boyscout Camp in the San Gabriel Mountains, and the Three Rivers Run October 10-12th near Visalia, CA and in several local events, including the Kids 2 Kids Christmas Toy Run November 22nd.  Our annual Christmas Party was held at the Santa Paula Airport Cafe on December 11th. 

In 2008, multiple Brotherhood members served as recovery panelists on over 100 Hospital and Institution panels, carrying the message of recovery to those who can't get out to hear our experience, strength and hope.  Members took panels to Delano Prison, California Men's Colony, Work Furlough, New Life Recovery Home, Hillmont House, Freedom House, Vista Del Mar and Joshua House Recovery Home and presented as speakers at AA's Not a Glum Lot Meeting in Ventura.

2008 Bone Memorial Service and Poker Run in Ventura, CA
Alan "Hambone" Hamilton's memorial service was held at the new Buckaroo Meeting Hall which he had such a big hand in creating.  Brotherhood members helped out and family and friends participated on a ride to Santa Barbara Harley Davidson in Carpinteria, CA and a total of $955 was raised to help Bone's two daughters. 
2008 Members and Prospects
Popeye - GCR (Group Coordinator Rep) IGR (Oct - Dec)
Peg Leg - Secretary
Fuzzo - Treasurer (Jan-Nov)
Crash / Riser - Road Captain (May - July, Sept - Dec) Asst. H&I Rep
Big C - Asst. Road Captain
Grandpa - Treasurer (Nov-Dec)/ Sgt. At Arms (June - July) GWR (Oct - Dec)
Bulldog - Treasurer
Vapors - H&I Rep
Cable Tom- Road Captain (Jan - May, July - Sept.) / IGR
Duff - full patch member
Fast Eddie - full patch member
Wingnut - GWR (Group Welfare Rep) (Jan - Oct.)
Jackal - full patch member
Coyote - full patch member
Nobody - GGR (Group Graphics Rep)
Oiler - full patch member
Sparky - full patch member
CPO Bud - full patch member
Low Gear - Sgt. at Arms (July - Dec)
Stogie - full patch member

Bear - H&I Rep

AC - Asst. H&I Rep
Sketch - prospect (Asst. Graphics)
Banjo - prospect / Website / Asst. IGR
Huey / Luggnutz- prospect (Asst. IGR / Asst. GWR)
Compa - prospect / Asst. Sgt. at Arms
Cuddles - prospect / Asst. Treasurer
Hammer - prospect
Glenn T. - prospect
Wolf. - prospect (Asst. Sec)
Greg T. - prospect
Grasshopper - prospect
Two Dog - member at large

Road Dog - member at large
Hambone - member in memorium (former Sgt. at Arms -Jan - May)