Brotherhood Anonymous
2006 Run and Events -
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Brotherhood Anonymous was started on January 26th, 2006 by several bikers who had many years of sobriety between them and some experience with clean and sober motorcycle clubs.  These members decided that it would be a hell of a lot of fun to start a local club that supported the service tradition of recovery and have fun riding as a club at the same time.  The club's primary purpose is to carry the message. All club members prospected for one year wearing only the bottom "Anonymous" rocker to panels and runs out of respect for the prospecting process our new members must go through.  Founding members earned their top rockers on July 27th, 2006.  Our first official prospect was Riser.

Brotherhood members, prospects and hang-arounds participated in several fun rides and a few runs this year including
the Vietnam Vets Run, the Three Rivers Run near Visalia, CA, and the Kids2Kids Christmas Toy Run in December. 

In 2006, the club members started the tradition of service as recovery panelists at Hospital and Institution panels, carrying the message of recovery to those who can't get out to hear our experience, strength and hope.  The message of hope was brought to Freedom House, Odd Fellows Meeting Hall, Vista Del Mar, Hillmont House, Work Furlough, Milestones Ranch, Todd Road Jail, Wheeler Boy's Unit, Joshua Grad House, Genesis and others.

2006 Members and Prospects
Popeye - founding member
Pegleg - founding member
Grandpa - founding member
Fuzzo - founding member
Big C - founding member
Bulldog - founding member
Bear - founding member
Vapors - founding member
Cable Tom - founding member
Two Dog - founding member
Road Dog - founding member

Fast Eddie - full patch member
Duff - full patch member
AC - full patch member
Wingnut - full patch member
Jackal - full patch member
Hambone - full patch member
Riser - first club prospect