Brotherhood Anonymous

Brotherhood Anonymous came into being on January 26th, 2006.  Clean and sober members from the Oxnard and Ventura area got together at a local twelve step meeting and realized their common desire to ride and carry the message of recovery.  The founding members history of motorcycle club participation led to the founding of our first group (hence the G1 on our patch.)  Brotherhood Anonymous has grown and changed over the years but we have stayed true to our goals of riding, having fun and carrying the message of recovery along the way.  The pictures and videos represent those whose lives we have touched and those who have changed our lives as well.  In our journey, we are grateful for the gift of fellowship and brotherhood we have been given.  Thanks to all who have shared in this journey.

The early years... all Brotherhood Anonymous members started out as prospects and each earned his patch!

Here's a slide show tribute to a few of the friends we've met over the years...